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Indonesia Lobster Lifespan Immortality Myth

You might be wondering about Indonesia lobster lifespan especially since there is some buzz that saying the lobster is immortal and can live forever. This kind of believes is actually understandable since the lobster live in deep and bottom of the ocean. As usually the creatures that live in the deep and bottom of the ocean will be surrounded by a lot of myth including his immortality that is hold by the lobster crustacean. However, even though there are no fishermen and other hungry predators that hunt them, the lobster will eventually die. But then again when will they die and what is their lifespan? Let us find out more about this answer.

How Long is Indonesia Lobster Lifespan?
You should know that the lobster actually to aged which make this creature become similar to any other organism in this world. But then again some of them have extraordinary long Indonesia Lobster Lifespan. The reason is because the lobster it a type of organism that would not become weak or slowing down when they gets older. In fact some research has show that the older lobster might also become more fertile compared to the younger lobster. But still this does not mean they are immortal as the rumors are saying. Especially they would have higher percentage of dying during their shell moult when they get older.
Then again the reason why they have very long Indonesia lobster lifespan is because they have telomerase. This is actually a type of enzyme which can repair the long and repetitive section in the DNA sequences which located at the very end of the chromosomes. Actually most of the vertebrates also have telomerase especially in their embryonic stage. However, as they grow into adult then this enzyme will disappear. The one that makes lobster different from those vertebrates is that even in their adult stage; the lobster sill has telomerase in most of their tissue. Thus they will have longer lifespan as their body can repair themselves better, but this still does not make the lobster become immortal.
Actually the lobster is growing by doing moulting process which actually requires very large energy to do this process. And as the lobster grows older, this means their shell will also become larger. Then the energy used to do the moulting process in the older lobster will also become larger. Thus the moulting process will actually kill the lobster since they will become exhaust during the process. This means they will eventually die at one time of their live even though there is no predators or fishermen that catch them.
To cope with this problem and make the Indonesia lobster lifespan longer, and then the older lobster will stop their moulting process. This means they will keep their shell for the rest of their life. However, that does not mean they would not die since they do not do the moulting process. Actually this moulting process is done so they can repair their shell which are damaged or infected by parasites. Thus they can have new and healthy shell to support their life. However, as they do not do the moulting process anymore, this means that their shell will become damaged and would not be repaired. This will make the lobster become infected or their shell can also fall apart which make the lobster eventually die. As you can see, the lobster will die in one way or another thus this creature is not biologically immortal.
But then again, some of the lobster actually has very long lifespan compared to other type of lobster. For example for the European lobster lifespan which is at around 31 years on the male lobster and around 54 years on the female lobster. This number can easily be surpassed by American lobster lifespan which is at around 100 years. This number is actually also very long compared to the Caribbean lobster which has very short lifespan which is only around twenty years. And as Indonesian lobster is living in the tropical area as the Caribbean lobster, then most of the time Indonesia lobster lifespan will also similar to the Caribbean lobster.
You should know that the lobster lifespan itself will be highly affected by the water temperature where they live in. if the lobster are living in area with warm water such as in the Indonesia which has tropical climate. Then the lobster will have faster metabolism process. on the contrarily, when the lobster is living in area with colder water temperature such as in America with sub tropical climate, then their metabolism process will become slower.
As you know that the American lobster is living in the Atlantic Ocean with cold water especially on the northern area of the Eastern part of Seaboard. That is why the American lobster will have slower metabolism process. This means that they will also become slower in aging and thus they can live longer if they can avoid being caught by any predators or getting infected by any diseases which make them different from Indonesia lobster lifespan.  
As we mention before, the lobster has support from the special enzyme which make them grow nonstop even though they are older. This makes there are myth about Indonesia lobster lifespan immortal creature even though they actually not. They will only have slower growing rate when they are older. Usually Indonesia lobster lifespan will be caught when this crustacean is at around 4 months to 18 months of age with half kilogram of weight. However, as the American lobster can grow nonstop for a long time, they can reach 11 kilogram of weight on the older lobster.
As you can see the Indonesia lobster lifespan will depends on the place where they live, especially on the water temperature. This will be affecting their lifespan because of their metabolism that is affected by the water temperature. Thus the real lifespan of each individual lobster will be depending on the place where they live. And as each species life in a specific place, then on one species, they would mostly have similar lifespan from one another.

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