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Main Live Lobster Export Data for Global Market

There are a lot of increases in Maine live lobster export data especially the one that goes for the Asian market since the demand for also increase in this area. The market for Maine live lobster is having great pace toward their best sales especially after huge sales in the 2016 economic year, which reach 103 million dollars worth only in first half on the economic year. That number is actually already doubled from the Maine live lobster sale that is done in first half on the 2015 economic year which only reaches 48.3 million dollars worth. Of course, that number is also better from Maine live lobster sale that is done in 2015 economic year, which by July the sale is only reaches 54.7 million dollars worth even though by the end of the economic year, the sale is able to reach 365.5 million dollars worth.
Strategy to Increase Live Lobster Export Data
Furthermore in 2016 the Maine live lobster export data experience 113 percent increased especially from the midyear. This increase on the export is actually caused by very big increase in the Canada sales. And Maine lobster export is actually used to fulfill the Canada sales for their global order which experience huge increase especially for the China export that even reach growth around 43 percent. This great number that you seen in this export data; is actually done after a lot of hard work, which is done by the people inside this industry. As we know, the amount of catches that is done over the pass years is actually very high. However, that does not mean the export amount is also as high.
That is why; the fishery industry done a great work in order to have sustainable industry which will go well with the buyers and consumers in the industry. And the dealer inside this industry really works their hardest to get the Asian market going for their product. Because of those hard works by many people along the industry line, then the number in Maine live lobster export data also increased significantly.
Actually you can see the significant increase for the Chinese export market from the data. For example in the 2010 economic year, then the Maine lobster that is exported to Chinese export market, is only worth around 100,000 dollars. However in 2016 the Maine lobster that is exported to Chinese export market, is worth around 20 million dollars. Then the Maine lobster that is exported to Hong Kong export market is worth around 5.8 million dollars. Seeing that the huge increase is happen only in short duration, then it is very remarkable event that need to be note from the industry.
The growth in Maine live lobster export data is actually result from the hard work that is done by the dealer that we have. Since the Maine lobster type is actually unfamiliar for the Chinese market, then the dealer have go to them personally one by one to give some education to the market. After this process is done in a long time, finally now they are able to harvest the fruit of their hard work. As you can see, in the near future, the industry is able to gain huge increase in the export number.
Actually the foundation of this work is already built by the Maine lobster exporter since more than ten years ago. Thus we can say that the huge increase that we see today in the export data is actually does not come through overnight work. Instead it comes after decades of hard work that is done by the Maine lobster exporter. A lot of company has actually give huge invest which used to attend various trade shows which held in many places around this world for example Busan, Hong Kong, Brussels, Qingdao, and Boston. In the end, this hard work is actually pays off by the increase of numbers in Maine live lobster export data.
Actually ten years ago, the Maine lobster is only a huge deal in Maine area. However, in other places around the world, the Maine lobster is not very significant as what it is consider in Maine. That is why; a lot of business expert predicted that they can get big money through the sales that are done in oversea through the global market. Just ten years ago, most of the dealers that is already establish inside the industry, is happy with their sales that is done mostly in domestic market and only very little export that is done to the European market as their biggest market for oversea sales. However, after there are some slow down in the world economy, then the European market also decreased very quickly.
This change is a huge deal for the Maine lobster market, since they want to get some increase in the Maine live lobster export data and not the decrease that they experiencing right now. That is why they then made a huge and risky move to do the export to the Asian market. They prepare themselves for the export as they begin their overseas sales operations. Trucks of Maine lobster is ready to be send to the international airport. And their salesmen work every night to charter to the consumers that is actually active in different time zones as what the salesmen have.
Once that risky move, then their hard work really pays off greatly as the sales now already tenfold than before. Now the Maine lobster has become a huge logistic that is send to various countries in the global market. That is why the exporter tries to make their service become better throughout the year of development. Now you can see that the exporter has direct exporting certified operation. They have also build high tech processing plant in closer location so their lobster product would not delay because of overcrowded flights. From those support that the exporter has now you can see that there are huge increase that you can see on the Maine live lobster export data we have explained to you previously above.

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