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Red Snapper Fillets for Sale

There are so many snapper species; however the red snapper is one of the most snapper species being sold in the market. Red snapper fillets for sale in the market is the most common form people will buy because they can save preparation time without need to make fillet from a whole fish. The meat or flesh of red snapper is white in color with firm texture and slightly mild nutty flavor. This fish is one of the most popular white meat fish and in fact, snapper now becomes general term of white fish.
Where you can found red snapper? The red scaled fish can be found in anywhere all around the world, but particularly in the Gulf of Mexico and Indonesia. Due to the high demand of the red snapper, it lead to the higher price and sadly, it is also leads to the fraud and over fishing for years. According to the University of North California, a class project found out that 17 out of 22 fish that they are bought labeled as the red snapper but in fact there are actually some kinds of other snapper types. Of course such act is illegal, but the regulator cannot find the staff or funding to prevent it.
So, you need to be careful when you look for red snapper fillets for sale. They could turn to be other types of snapper fish. In addition, some people sometime cannot differentiate skin off fish fillets between red snapper and rock fish. They tend to mistaking the red snapper as rock fish and adversely.
How to buy red snapper fillets for sale
The lesson we are talk about red snapper fraud and scam is because we want you to be careful when buying red snapper either in a whole or fillets. Not to mention it is harder to determine the condition of red snapper fillets for sale than buying the fish in a whole. Most of the fillets just like its name sold without bones and sometime the skin already removed. However, we recommend you to purchase skin on fish fillets because the skin is the one that held the flesh stay firm.
When you buy red snapper fish wholesale, it is easy to tell that they are fresh from the appearance, smell, and the texture. For example, you can check on their eyes, scales, skin, and the whole appearance of the fish unlike fish fillets which already cleaned and deboned. Here are some guides you can follow to buy red snapper fillets in the market:
-          Most of the red snapper fillets are sold in pounds. Sometime one and a half pounds or two ponds in one packaging.
-          The read red snapper will have great firm texture with sweet and nutty flavor. This is why the snapper is great seafood for grilling cooking method.
-          Although you may see that the red snapper can grow up to 35 pounds in weight, but most of the whole fish and fillets sold in the market have less weight.
-          Red snapper can be expensive, especially if you talk about the price of red snapper fillets for sale. It is because the fillets include labor cost of the staff to fillet the whole fish. However, it is good to purchase red snapper already in fillets particularly if you do not have skill to go filleting the fish on your own.
-          Find trusted red snapper suppliers who know what kind of fish they are offer and sale. You can option for a whole fresh red snapper and ask the fishmonger filleting them for you.
-          Gain relation for several different red snapper suppliers; you may get the best deal as the advantages.
-          You can order red snapper fillets for sale online. But, always ask for their sample before you do ordering from them. Watch for their track records by asking people who experience buying from those suppliers.
And once again, you may find fish fillets with the skin still on and the skin already being removed. We suggest that you buy the one with the skin on because the skin can hold the flesh better and also prevent the meat to go dry.
Frozen or fresh red snapper fillets for sale?
Always go frozen, unless you can find fresh whole fish right from the boat then it is better and safe to purchase frozen seafood rather than buying seafood that labeled as fresh fish. Why?
It is because frozen red snapper fillets for sale can be the freshness fish you can get as well. Sometime the grocery stores or the market near your house labeled previously thawed fish fillets as fresh fillets. It is mean the fresh fish fillets sold on the counter is possible to be there for several days or even for weeks already. You cannot guarantee the fresh red snapper fillets is really the freshest fish.
Cooking the frozen red snapper fillets
So you finally go with frozen red snapper fillets and now you want to cook them with easy preparation. First, you need to thaw them properly overnight by keep them inside refrigerator. If you want to thaw it in quicker way then you can simply soak the fillets (yes, it still in the plastic package, do not take them out when you soak the fish) in a bowl full of cool water for few minutes. When they are already thawed, you can straightly cooking them either by grilling, pan frying, broiling, steaming, baking, poaching, etc.
Fillets are the best for baking, grilling, and pan frying though thus we suggest you can try to look for red snapper recipes online. There are so many fish recipe which you can try. Red snapper is a fish that go well with any cooking methods. You can season them with only salt and black pepper; they are good to go for grilling or baking.
Red snapper fillets for sale have deep red to pink skins and they are very versatile. They can be sautéed as well. It is simply the perfect dish for meals or dinner especially in your dietary menu plan!

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