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Lobster Exporters India

Lobster exporters India is one of the top producers of lobster seafood in the world. They offer various species of lobster including the sand lobster. India suppliers not only trade their lobsters domestically, but also internationally as lobster exporters. Many countries like China, Japan, etc. have exported the lobsters from India. To be able to find good lobster suppliers from India that can sell you some of top lobster quality then you can search them on the directory in the internet. From there, you can get their detailed contact and email, it is the easiest thing to order lobsters from India dealers.

Reasons to buy from lobster exporters India
There are many reasons of why you need to buy from lobster exporters India instead of buying them locally from supermarket or grocery stores.
1.      There is chance you get cheaper lobsters than when you buy from supermarket
Lobsters from India exporters can priced a lot of cheaper than the one you see at the supermarket. As top exporters of the lobsters, India likes to offer various lobster species in affordable prices. The lobsters are harvested directly from the India waters and thus you can get lobster from the first hand. Lobsters in supermarket is maybe priced higher because they are not the first hand supplier, the lobsters are already added some cost thus they can get profit.
2.      The lobsters can be as good as local lobsters
Who said that lobster bough from lobster export trading cannot be as good as the lobsters caught locally in your area. They can be good as well if the suppliers know how to handle and store them properly. In fact, when you cannot find good lobster products in local supermarket and grocery stores, you should try to buy them via exporter dealers.
3.      India lobsters are delicious too!
Most of the lobsters taste very delicious and that’s including lobsters taken out of India waters. You can ask for sample to make sure what kind of lobsters sold by lobster exporters India online. It is important to ask for specific information regarding lobster species they are sells in the market.
How to look for trusted lobster exporters India?
For international trade, you can try to look for trusted lobster exporters India even if you are not live in the India yourself. Lobster is an important commodity in India and many suppliers of lobster offered various lobster products globally. Here are few simple guides to be able to look for reliable and dependable exporters from India such as:
1.      Look for recommendation from some professional chefs or friends
If you have good source who can tell you where to find good exporters from the India then ask them! You can ask professional chefs about it from forums and such. It is better than no information at all.
2.      Look for the directory information on the internet
The easiest way to look for exporters India dealers is from the internet. There are some directories that listed many India exporters who have experiences in dealing with export and import seafood trade. More importantly, on those directories, there are already available some contact information which you can use.
3.      Go visit India yourself directly
If you have time and budget of course then you can visit India directly on your own. It is the best thing to do since you can check for the top quality lobsters by seeing them directly and not just from some pictures or samples. There are many exporters in India who like to sell premium lobsters from the fishermen to the wholesalers.
The marine products in India is quite large including lobsters, you can almost many kinds of seafood products in there. In addition, the lobsters are valued highly as important commodity in India and thus there is little risk to get cheap and low quality of lobsters.
Guides to buy lobsters from India
We want to explain to you some guides to buy lobsters from India. It is important to check for the lobsters even when you cannot see them directly. However, you can always ask the dealers, if they refuse to give information that you want for the sake of buying high quality lobsters then you better go find another supplier.
Here are some questions you should ask when buying lobster from frozen or fresh lobster exporters India:
1.      Where the lobsters taken from: Are they wildly harvested or farmed? Yes this is important because aquaculture of lobsters in India is also quite popular.
2.      If they are caught wildly then are the supplier or the fishermen caught them with sustainable methods? It is important to get sustainable seafood because that can be a great marketing trick for your customers when you run business.
3.      How about the shipping process and if you want to buy live lobsters make sure that the exporters can deliver them overnight and guarantee they are still alive condition.
4.      Whether you will get discounted price when you want to order in a bulk. If you run business then it is important to store as much as lobsters you can get for your restaurant stock.
5.      Whether the exporters already followed FDA regulators so you can be sure that the lobsters they are sold is really safe and edible for consumption. If they have different systems or not following the regulations for legal exporter commodity then you better move to other suppliers.
6.      Ask for additional cost if you want to get the lobsters with overnight delivery. This will affect the cost of per lobster that sold by the exporters. In addition, if also need to ask for the tax since in international trading especially seafood market, the amount of the tax might go quite high. Not to mention tax for luxury product like the lobsters.
Lobster exporters India can be trusted when you want to buy lobster for the business stock or for further processing. You need to send them your buyer quotation email when you are sure the supplier can be trusted enough. Hope this information helps you to get the best one.

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