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Where Do Lobsters Live and Hide Inside The Sea?

You might be asking where do lobsters live since you want to know more information about this delicious seafood that you often consume as delicacy. Actually there are various species of lobster that people often consume around the world. But the most common one that you might often consume is the European lobster as well as American lobster. That is why; this seafood is actually caught in various places all around the world. The catch even gives huge income to the country as this food fish is priced highly among other types of food fish. This is why it is interesting for us to know where this creature lives.

Learn Information on Where Do Lobsters Live
Now as you know before the most consumed lobster species that people usually know is the European lobster as well as American lobster. Surely both of those species will live in their own area which actually still located in Atlantic Ocean. But you should also understand that there are some lobster which actually a tropical species that is also often consumed by people in that area. But they are usually known as special varieties which people like to call as spiny lobster or the slipper lobster.
Actually as a crustacean, this creature is closely related to the other crustacean such as shrimps as well as crabs. That is why; this creature is also love to live near the bottom area of the sea. Especially since they think this area is more suitable for them for protection against predator as well as for the abundant food source. This creature eye sight itself is actually very poor but they will use other senses such as taste as well as smell which highly developed. When it comes for eating, they will use small fish as well as mollusk for food. But sometimes they will also consume other types of plant in the sea such as algae.
This is the reason why they love to live in the area that has a lot of rocks like the Atlantic area in the North American Ocean. Actually the water deep in this location is usually around 2294 up until 164 feet in depth. But do not worry as the lobster is still able to be found in any other area all over the world, as they will also live in different area which has fresh water or brackish water.
If you want to know where do lobsters live for the American lobster species, then they will most likely live in Atlantic coast that is still located around northern America location. this location is actually spreading from the Labrador area that is lies at the northern area then spread along towards the Cape Hatteras that is lies at the North Carolina at their southern area of that region. But for the southern area of New Jersey this lobster is actually quite uncommon to be found. Then again on different area such as Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, and Delaware, the population of lobster is only around 0.1 percent.
Asking about where do lobsters live is quite difficult to be answer at once as the smaller lobster live in different area than the larger lobster. For the smaller one, they choose to live in a hideout which usually lies on the rocky area of the sea. If they found a hole in the rock which may be used as a hideout, then they will first put their claw inside. This behavior is actually used to ensure there is no other animal that resides inside that hole. Then again this behavior is also used to make the previous resident move out from the hole so they can claim it as their own.
Once they ensure that the hole is safe and empty then they will use it as their hideout. They will do that by first putting their back area inside which make them able to defend themselves whenever there are other animal that tries to approach their hideout. This behavior is also make them able to snatch any fish that swim near their hole without having to completely move out from their hideout and endanger themselves.
You should know when asking about where do lobsters live that lobster is a creature that loves to stay inside their hideout for most of their live. And the younger lobster is actually still very small which make them very vulnerable, this is why they need to search for a hideout right away. This is the reason why they will dig out a hideout inside mud, pebbles and even sand. Then after they find a hideout, then they will even hidden themselves inside for years to survive. Once they are grow and becoming big when they are adult, then this means they will be able to fight against predator. Thus they will more likely able to move out from their hideout compared when they are younger. Thus even though the lobster is actually only show minimum migratory habit but some of them might also like to migrate out especially into the coast area.
Of course when asking about where do lobsters live, you should know that larger lobster want to be more mobile compared to their younger relatives. This is why they will still be inside their hideout which located at the dept area, but sometimes they will also do seasonal migration by moving into warmer water area. This is why some people will notice that sometimes they will live in area which are closer to the offshore or the coast area.
But actually when they do seasonal migration they will go all across the coastal part which is closer into the shore area. The distance that they will take is around 918 miles and they will need around 3.5 years in completing this travel.
Those are all of the information that you should learn when you want to know where the lobster is actually living. Now that you already know all of the information we mention before, then you should not have to ask about where do lobsters live anymore.

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